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There are many ways to paint a portrait. Each Artist has their own method, style choice of materials, all are valid. There has always been a debate on whether a picture has to be done in real life or photography.

Unlike fashion photographers, illustrators normally don’t have to work with models to create fashion illustrations. Their models could be in their minds or referred to some photos. The artists have more freedom to connect emotions, artistic style to the essence of their work.

Various illustrations that explain fashion have been in existence since the time clothes have been in existence. Illustrations have played importance since the evolution of fashion and in the various institutions serving in educating fashion illustration to play the lead role and through illustrations the practitioners do practice fashion designs. It is a piece of art through which fashion is explained and communicated.


The Techniques of Painting with Wine
Wine is an especial beverage made from fermented fruits such as grapes. The color of wine varies, from pale yellow through rich red to a dark, plum brown. This range of color and wine's liquid nature means that the drink can be used as an ink. Wine art is painted on porous paper 100% cotton, which has often been soaked and pressed onto a board before painting, to make the paper more absorbent. Watercolor effects tools such as rubber paint and salt can also be used in wine painting.

Memories of life
For special occasions, celebrate with your favorite wine?
It is very important to celebrate that special day and celebrate with an excellent wine, but when the wine runs out, the magic is over? NO! You can save some of that wine and can have continuity of this "special day" in a portrait he will always remain and continue to live in that painting made with wine of your choice.

Special Gifts
An original gift for a special person, have a great effect, for friend (a), family, girlfriend, wife or someone close.

Work comissions
Contact me if you have a favourite picture and  that you would love to have a painting done with red wine

Landscape, Cityscape, Horses, Portraits using different technique (acrylic, soft pastel, watercolour, oil)

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